We organize the elite,intellectual and well to do world citizens and to motivate them to serve our poor, disabled,illiterate and ignorant people in the true spirit of our culture and tradition of service and duty.
The main areas in which we are focused are

  • Strengthening Unity :–Unite entire Nepali community of India under one banner of Hamro Swabhiman trust which is having blessings of Swami Ji and Acharya Ji. There is no such NGO of Nepali speaking community who have National tag and who has branches all over Indian and Hamro Swabhiman is only NGO who has branches in several states of India.
  • Renaissance of Nepalese culture, language and ethnicity among people of Nepalese origin in India.
  • Saving Nepali Language and Culture :-We want our next generation feel proud upon our Nepali language, speak in Nepali language, respect our culture and tradition hence we started program like Bhanu Jayanti to motivate our children to recite poem in Nepali and speak in Nepali.
  • Education:- We focus on education of our next generation so that they can uplift our status. We are branded as Peon, Watchman, servant however we are doing excellent in all field but we are not getting proper recognition. We are trying to do counseling to our students so that they can feel proud of our community and become competitive and go for high education so that they can achieve so many things and they become Role model for next generation.
  • Sport:- we are encouraging our youngster to participate in sports and providing platforms so that they can participate and accept challenges. We do Badminton Tournament in reputed Thyagraj Stadium, INA New Delhi every year with sole objectives to give a platform to our youngster. Now our youngster feel proud that they are playing with other people in National Stadium.
  • Scholarship:- We are working on scholarship and also providing some scholarship to several students and trying to create a permanent Scholarship Funds so that your needy talented students can get financial assistances for their education and uplift their status and also help others to raise their status.
  • Counseling :- We are focusing on counseling to our students so that they can go for right directions. After passing 12th, most of the students as well as their parents do not opt right directions to shape the future of Children hence our children are unable to achieve right goal despite of facts that our children are highly hard worker, innocent, brave and so many things so we are doing counseling programs to teach them their actual goal.
  • Striving for welfare of Nepalese Origin community
  • Removing hesitation among Nepalese origin in India to speak Nepali language, and disclose their identity as Nepali origin or Gorkhali
  • Help each other in need
  • Employment generation
  • Educational empowerment
  • Personality development
  • Creating health awareness
  • Health promotion and treatment
  • Ascetic elevation, Cultivation of healthy behaviors, Rural empowerment, Plantation, Conservation of natural resources, Environmental Cleanliness Campaign, Women empowerment, Inhibition of Girls’ trafficking and dowry system and Inhibiting Caste and gender discrimination.